inDrive revolutionizes Nepal’s ride-sharing sector with fair fare negotiations

KATHMANDU: inDrive, the global mobility, urban services, and community development platform, has made a significant impact on Nepal’s ride-sharing industry with over two billion rides completed worldwide.

Since its launch in Kathmandu in 2022, inDrive has been disrupting the market by allowing passengers and drivers to negotiate fair fares directly.

Addressing the disparities in underserved markets has become a fundamental aspect of inDrive’s global expansion strategy.

To ensure safety and a respectful environment, inDrive has introduced the Safety Pact, which provides users with dedicated features, guidelines, and a code of conduct for both drivers and passengers. The platform maintains a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination.

Roman Ermoshin, Director of Ride-Hailing (APAC) at inDrive, emphasized their commitment to expansion, growth, customer satisfaction, and safety, highlighting the positive impact they continue to make in the communities they serve.

inDrive, formerly known as inDriver (Independent Drivers), has evolved into a marketplace of urban services with a people-centered approach. The company firmly believes that human empathy cannot be replaced by technology.

inDrive’s mission is to demonstrate that ride-hailing apps can and should be more human-centric, emphasizing that a fair price is something people can achieve, not merely hope for.

Currently, inDrive stands as the second most downloaded mobility app globally, catering to over 100 million users in more than 700 cities across 48 countries spanning five continents.

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