Ncell brings ‘Harek Din Surprise Sabailai Sure-Prize’, marking 18thanniversary

KATHMANDU: Every Ncell customer can now win sure prizes every day continuously for 28 days on the occasion ofthe 18th anniversary of Ncell. That is not all, customers also get a bonus balance on a weekly basis and scooters as bumper prizes.

Ncell Axiata Limited, marking its anniversary on Sunday announced the launch of this attractive campaign ‘Harek Din Surprise Sabailai Sure-Prize’ in line with the anniversary theme ‘Here for You’. In this campaign, every customer is a winner and gets free gifts.

Starting from Sunday, customers are getting sure-prize gifts as part of the extended celebrations.To enjoy free daily gifts and be eligible for weekly and bumper prizes, customers can simply dial *17117#. Upon dialing this USSD code, customers get Ncell products and services without any charge.

These gifts being provided to customers include free digital service subscription, Ncell to Ncell balance, data, Ncell to Ncell talk time, and Ncell to Ncell SMS. Activation of digital service, bonus balance and resources received remains valid for 24 hours.

During the campaign period of 28 days, 1,000 customers will get a balance of Rs. 100 every week. At the end of the campaign, seven customers will win one scooter each as the bumper prize.

To be eligible to get weekly and bumper gifts, customers should have dialed the *17117# USSD code at least once a week and used Ncell services during the campaign period. For weekly and bumper gifts, customers need to send a slogan about Ncell on Ncell App or website

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  1. So I am here to tell about ncell hard work bring positive response from ncell user’s ane it gives the fully service to the ncell user’s so thankful to ncell

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