FNCCI President Dhakal Stresses Regional Collaboration at IOE Asia Employers’ Summit

KATHMANDU: President of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) Chandra Prasad Dhakal emphasized the imperative need for stability, cooperation, and peace to overcome the multifaceted challenges at hand.

Addressing the IOE Asia Employers’ Summit in Tokyo, Japan, Presidnet Dhakal emphasized the importance of working together to achieve these objectives.

The FNCCI President reiterated the shared goals of the Asia-Pacific region, including sustainable economic growth, job creation, labor migration, and skill development.

The event brought together business leaders and representatives from across the Asia-Pacific region to exchange insights and expertise on critical economic and employment challenges.

Expressing gratitude to the International Organization of Employers (IOE) and Keidanren for hosting the event and stressed the interconnected nature of the global economy, he also highlighted the challenges posed by an aging population and global inequality, emphasizing that economic growth should lead to equitable benefits for all segments of society.

Central to Dhakal’s address was the urgent need to address climate change and the importance of investing in green energy and reducing carbon emissions.

Dhakal drew attention to the rapid digitization and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into business operations. He called for proactive approaches, including reskilling and upskilling of the workforce, to navigate these technological advancements while mitigating potential inequalities.

Highlighting Nepal’s potential as an emerging economic powerhouse, Dhakal spotlighted its youthful workforce and strategic geographical location, offering access to the lucrative Chinese and Indian markets. He elaborated on Nepal’s flourishing hydropower sector and burgeoning tourism industry, supported by modern infrastructure.

In closing, Dhakal reaffirmed Nepal’s unwavering commitment to economic growth, job creation, support for small and medium-sized enterprises, social security, skill development, and the reinforcement of social dialogue.

He issued an appeal for international support and cooperation to navigate the evolving global landscape successfully.
Dhakal’s address underscored the critical role of collaboration and innovative solutions in addressing the economic and employment challenges confronting the Asia-Pacific region.

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