Kirtipur gears up to enrich evening tourism with storytelling and heritage walk

Invitation Kirtipur

KATHMANDU: In a concerted endeavor to invigorate evening tourism in Kirtipur, Kirtipur Municipality and the Kirtipur Volunteer Society joined forces to conduct a training session for tourism guides on September 24, 2013. Led by Anil Chitrakar, a distinguished social entrepreneur and expert, the session aimed to equip local guides in Kirtipur with the art of storytelling. It attracted the participation of 30 members of the Guide Association of Kirtipur and other enthusiasts.

This training initiative is a vital component of an ongoing campaign dedicated to showcasing Kirtipur’s distinctive heritage and cultural offerings to a broader audience. Previously, another session had been orchestrated to enhance Kirtipur’s digital presence through the creation of maps, photographs, and videos.\

The campaign’s centerpiece is an upcoming evening walk scheduled for September 27 in Kirtipur. During this event, participants will be guided through Kirtipur’s historical treasures, following a route rich in heritage.

Rajkumar Nakarmi, the Mayor of Kirtipur Municipality, expressed his unwavering enthusiasm for the town’s proactive role in promoting evening tourism. He underscored the pivotal role of the evening walk scheduled for September 27 in advancing Kirtipur’s campaign to boost evening tourism.

Assisting the municipality in establishing a robust digital presence for Kirtipur on tourism platforms, such as maps and social media, is the Kirtipur Volunteer Society, a community-based organization. These collaborative efforts have been instrumental in ensuring that Kirtipur’s charm and allure resonate with a global audience.

Anil Chitrakar, the principal storyteller and guide for the evening heritage walk, emphasized the significance of Kirtipur’s position as a hillside city, distinguished as a prominent tourism brand.

He highlighted the unique appeal of Kirtipur’s hilltop heritage sites, set apart from other heritage destinations in the Kathmandu Valley. The breathtaking panoramic views from this elevated vantage point only enhance its allure.

Bikash Dangol, Treasurer of the Kirtipur Volunteer Society, disclosed that preparations for the heritage walk have been meticulously executed.

The walk primarily targets members of the tourism community who will carry forward the captivating stories of Kirtipur to their visiting guests.

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