China, Ireland, and Singapore among key contributors to Nepal’s foreign investment inflow

Nepal to simplify foreign investment procedures

KATHMANDU: Nepal has successfully attracted foreign investments from a total of 57 countries, as revealed in the annual foreign investment survey report published by Nepal Rastra Bank. This data, recorded up to the end of June 2079 (2022), showcases the country’s growing appeal to international investors.

The report highlights that Nepal has received a substantial influx of foreign investments, amounting to a total of NPR 2.64 trillion. Notably, the majority of these investments, accounting for 53.7 percent, have been made as paid-up capital. Among the contributing nations, India stands out as the top investor, contributing a significant NPR 88.60 billion.

China follows closely behind, with investments totaling NPR 33.40 billion. Ireland and Singapore have also made substantial investments, with NPR 20.90 billion and NPR 16.10 billion, respectively.

Breaking down the sectors, the industrial sector claims the lion’s share of foreign investment at 62 percent, while the service sector captures 37 percent of the foreign investment inflow. Nepal’s ability to attract diverse investments from numerous countries underscores its growing prominence on the international investment map.

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