Dispute on petro products exploration compensation resolved

DAILEKH: A dispute that surfaced in the process of land purchase for petroleum products exploration has come to an end.

Local people have expressed displeasure over the distribution of compensation under the land purchase process the government put forward for the exploration of petroleum products at Bharabi rural municipality-1, Rawatkot in Dailekh.

It may be noted that the government had advanced the compensation distribution process through the Dailekh District Administration Office (DAO) for unleashing potentials of petroleum products.

Locals had protested the government’s decision to provide compensation at the rate of Rs 150,000 per ropani land to 27 households of Bhairabi-1, Rawatkot.

Acting Chief District Officer of Dailekh, Ganesh Prasad Koirala said the issue of compensation was settled after an all-party meeting and consultation with the citizens entitled to receive compensation.

“The government has decided to compensate Rs 175,000 per ropani for settlement”, he said, adding, “The dispute on compensation distribution to the people of affected area has been settled following a meeting with the concerned citizens and political parties”, he added.

In accordance with the decision of the cabinet meeting held on 4 February 2023 for drilling works under petroleum products exploration, the compensation determination committee on 19 June 2023 had decided to compensate 27 households of Bharaibi rural municipality-1, Rawatkot.

Likewise, the task of road up-gradation has been taken ahead to bring necessary equipment for advancing drilling under the exploration. RSS

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Sunday October 1, 2023, 12:11:29 PM |

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