Nepal Airlines flight RA412 safely returns to Kathmandu due to technical issues

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KATHMANDU: A Nepal Airlines Flight RA412, en route from Kathmandu to Dammam, had to be aborted due to technical issues. The flight, departing from Tribhuvan International Airport on Wednesday night, safely returned to Kathmandu approximately an hour after takeoff.

TIA officials confirmed that the aircraft experienced a technical malfunction in its onboard safety system, known as TIKAS, while flying over Pakistan. In response, the flight crew made the prudent decision to return to Kathmandu, prioritizing the safety of all passengers and crew.

Authorities are currently conducting a comprehensive technical inspection of the aircraft and its systems. To minimize passenger inconvenience, an alternative aircraft has been arranged, ensuring that affected travelers can continue their journey to their destination without significant delay.

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Thursday October 5, 2023, 11:38:37 AM |

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