Nepali nationals injured in Israel attack, Embassy in close contact for safety

KATHMANDU: Nepal has joined the international community in denouncing the terrorist attack that occurred in Israel on Saturday, resulting in several casualties, including injuries to at least nine Nepali nationals. Reports indicate that a group associated with Hamas carried out the attack, and some Nepali nationals working in Israel have been held hostage as a result.

In an official press statement released on Saturday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) expressed Nepal’s solidarity with the Government of Israel. The statement read, “The Government of Nepal strongly condemns the terrorist attack in Israel today [Saturday] that caused the loss of precious human lives and injured many more. At this critical hour, we convey our solidarity with the Government of Israel.”

Nepal also conveyed heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathies to the people and the Government of Israel, as well as to the victims of this brutal attack and their families. The statement expressed wishes for the speedy recovery of the injured.

MoFA reported that a farm where 14 Nepalis were employed came under attack, resulting in injuries to nine Nepalis, two of whom are in serious condition. The ministry noted that further updates on the situation would be provided in due course.

However, Israeli media have reported that Hamas has taken 17 Nepali nationals hostage, with seven others sustaining injuries during the attacks. MoFA has not yet confirmed these reports about Nepali nationals being held hostage.

MoFA stated that the Embassy of Nepal in Israel is in close contact with Nepali residents in the affected areas, as well as with Israeli authorities to ensure the safety, security, rescue, and medical treatment of Nepali citizens.

The ministry also urged Nepali nationals in Israel to exercise caution and adhere to safety measures advised by authorities in light of the evolving security situation.

Additionally, MoFA encouraged Nepali nationals in need of support or guidance to reach out to the Embassy of Nepal in Israel at +972(0)35168085, Ambassador of Nepal to Israel Kanta Rijal at +972545864423, First Secretary Arjun Ghimire at +972528289300, or the Nepali embassy in Israel via email at [email protected].

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