Nepal and Romania Ink labor agreement, Enhancing bilateral cooperation

Nepal and Romania Ink Labor Agreement

KATHMANDU: Nepal and Romania have solidified their labor relations with the signing of a bilateral labor agreement in Bucharest, Romania’s capital. Labor, Employment, and Social Security Minister Sharatsingh Bhandari, alongside Romanian Labor Minister Simona Bucura Oprescu, inked the historic agreement. This marks Romania as the first European nation to formalize a labor contract with Nepal.

The agreement aims to streamline the recruitment process for Nepali workers heading to Romania, ensuring a fair and transparent hiring procedure. Minister Bhandari expressed optimism about the pact, stating, “Romania holds great potential in the labor market. This agreement strengthens the bond between our countries through labor diplomacy.”

Nepal and Romania established diplomatic relations 55 years ago. Over the years, many Nepali workers have found employment in Romania’s hospitality, construction, industrial, and animal husbandry sectors.

Romania’s policy to attract foreign investors has begun creating job opportunities, particularly as local citizens seek employment abroad. As a result, Romanian companies have started hiring Nepali workers due to competitive wages.

During discussions, Romanian Labor Minister Oprescu affirmed her commitment to safeguarding the rights and interests of Nepali workers. The Romanian labor market demonstrates a significant demand for Nepali workers.

Oprescu stated, “We will ensure transparency in worker selection and expedite the recruitment process. Nepal has informed Romania of its plans to open a Nepalese embassy soon, aiming to simplify and expedite labor recruitment.”

In line with this, the Nepalese government decided to open embassies in 10 countries, including Romania, under the “dry posting” concept, allowing a three-member team to manage the mission. The Ministry of Labor issued a statement indicating a mutual understanding to simplify the verification of migrant worker demand, expedite entry permits, and labor approvals.

Besides identifying skilled labor market opportunities for Nepali workers in Romania, both countries have pledged to cooperate on safe foreign employment, especially for female workers. The agreement also addresses concerns like double contracts, basic English language skills, and professional expertise through mutual coordination.

According to the Foreign Employment Department, 33.3 percent of Nepali workers in Romania are skilled, 8.1 percent are semi-skilled, and 58.4 percent are unskilled. While Romania sets a minimum wage of $600 for its citizens, Nepali workers receive $550 per month.

Romania recognizes the potential of employing a significant number of Nepali workers, appreciating their strong work ethic, honesty, and diligence. Both sides acknowledge the need for ethical recruitment practices and efficient management of labor migration from Nepal.

This agreement reflects the commitment of Nepal and Romania to the effective implementation of their labor agreement through close cooperation between relevant labor agencies.

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