Lumbini Cable Car is offering a 40% discount on tickets during the festive season

Lumbini Cable Car is offering a 40% discount

KATHMANDU: Lumbini Cable Car Limited has introduced a special offer in celebration of major Nepali festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Nepali New Year, and Chhath. Starting from October 5, this offer provides a 40% discount on ticket prices every day except Saturdays.

According to the new offer, tickets on non-Saturdays will be priced at just NPR 450. Dinesh Kayastha, Operations Manager at Lumbini Cable Car, shared this announcement.

This special offer aims to facilitate public access to the cable car, allowing them to visit the Kamakhya Devi Temple and the century-old Durga Bhagwati Temple during the festive season. The company is confident that this offer will be as successful as their morning offer.

Lumbini Cable Car, backed by the IME Group, is the first cable car system in Lumbini Province. It is only 2.6 kilometers from the cable car station to the Kamakhya Devi Temple and Durga Bhagwati Temple in Tinau Rural Municipality.

Kamakhya Devi Temple is a significant attraction for Hindu devotees and draws tourists from various cities in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh for darshan (viewing).

The company has reached an agreement with Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City and Tinau Rural Municipality to charge a 2% service fee, with the proceeds evenly distributed between the two municipalities.

The cable car station has plans to construct a banquet hall for a thousand people, five-star hotels, casinos, and other amenities at an estimated cost of NPR 3.5 billion within two years.

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