Nepal establishes mechanism to assist citizens in Israel: foreign minister leads efforts

10 Nepali citizens lost their lives

KATHMANDU: The Government of Nepal has taken decisive action to establish a mechanism, led by Foreign Minister NP Saud, with the aim of assisting Nepali citizens currently in Israel.

During a meeting of the Council of Ministers held today, a dedicated mechanism was created to comprehensively evaluate the situation of Nepalis in Israel, coordinate rescue operations, and offer support. The Cabinet convened at Singha Durbar on Sunday morning to address this urgent situation.

Foreign Minister NP Saud, while addressing the parliament, provided details about the newly established coordination mechanism. He stated, “This morning, under the leadership of the Prime Minister, a Cabinet meeting formed a coordination mechanism led by the Foreign Minister, involving all relevant agencies. This mechanism will continuously monitor the situation, assess the conditions faced by Nepali citizens, make necessary decisions regarding rescue operations, and effectively coordinate and collaborate for the same.”

Minister Saud reported that upon receiving information about ‘a distressing incident’ in southern Israel, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs swiftly activated its sources and contacts to assess the safety of Nepali nationals in the affected area.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued directives to the Nepali embassy in Israel to initiate rescue operations, provide information to Nepali citizens about the situation, and ensure compliance with safety guidelines and regulations set by the Israeli government.

Minister Saud stressed that the Nepali embassy is actively communicating vital information to Nepali citizens in Israel, working in collaboration with the Israeli government, and taking steps to rescue and offer necessary assistance, including medical treatment, to injured Nepali citizens.

He reiterated that efforts are ongoing to accurately assess the situation of Nepalis in Israel and to facilitate their safe rescue and stay.

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Sunday October 8, 2023, 04:40:45 PM |

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