Heart-wrenching plea from Nepali students trapped in conflict zone: ‘Rescue us, our hearts are breaking’

I can't breathe at night. The heart tries to break. The mouth is closed. There is an experience of shortness of breath. How long will we stay like this? Please rescue us from here today

ISREAL: We find ourselves in Sdot Negev, a region plagued by conflict in southern Israel. Our identities are those of students hailing from the Faculty of Agriculture at Sudurpaschim University. In our group, there are five of us.

Initially, we chose to conceal our distress, not wanting to burden our families with the pain and anxiety we are enduring. However, circumstances have compelled us to raise our voices.

At this moment, we are dwelling in a bunker, and it has been three long days since we first sought refuge here. Since Sunday evening, we have huddled together in this bunker, anxiously awaiting any word from the Nepali Embassy regarding our rescue.

As night falls, our fear escalates, and the bunker trembles when missiles strike.

The ordeal is agonizing, and the memory of losing ten of our dear friends haunts our thoughts. Sleep is elusive, and we are haunted by the haunting echoes of our friends’ cries. We can’t help but wonder if the Nepali government is considering the possibility that the next missile could target our bunker.

We hear in the news that India chartered a plane for a TikTok star and flew to India. Nepal government can’t do anything for so many students?

Currently, the room is dimly lit, with the bunker’s door slightly ajar. In the dead of night, we contemplate the grim possibility that terrorists might invade and subject us to the same brutal fate as our friends. Time is of the essence, and we implore for swift action.

Our desperation has been exacerbated by news of the Indian government chartering a plane to evacuate a TikTok star. With such efforts undertaken for an individual, it seems inconceivable that the government of Nepal cannot extend the same assistance to rescue a considerable number of Nepali students like us.

Out of a group of 49 individuals, we have already lost 10 precious lives. Only a fraction of us remain. It became imperative to speak up and take action, as we believe that, upon returning home, we may be able to contribute and make a difference.

We don’t need reassurances that meetings are being held or actions are being taken; what we desperately need is an immediate resolution. It has been three agonizing days, and our mental anguish is overwhelming. Nights are restless, with every breath feeling like a struggle, and the weight on our hearts is unbearable. We are gasping for relief from this harrowing situation.

Even if we were to continue enduring this nightmare, we couldn’t bear to lose any more lives during the night. Our friends shared our fears and apprehensions. We are unable to communicate with each other, and messages from friends and family, conveying news of our brothers’ demise, further deepen our anguish.

We beseech, with every ounce of our being, for an expeditious rescue operation to pull us out of this dire situation. Time is running out, and we need help today, more than ever before.

Bipin Subedi |
Monday October 9, 2023, 01:28:46 PM |

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