Nepal prepares aircraft for swift repatriation of citizens lost in Israel-Palestine conflict

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KATHMANDU: The government has made a significant decision to prepare an aircraft and collaborate with Israeli authorities to repatriate the deceased bodies of Nepali citizens who tragically lost their lives amid the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. The aim is to bring them back to Nepal as soon as possible.

This pivotal decision was reached during a meeting of the coordination mechanism, established earlier and led by Foreign Minister NP Saud.

The mechanism’s primary purpose is to make essential decisions concerning the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict and address the challenges faced by Nepali citizens affected by the situation.

In addition to repatriation efforts, the meeting also emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety and relocation of Nepali citizens currently in Israel.

The Nepal government had instituted this coordination mechanism under the guidance of Foreign Minister Saud, with the primary role of monitoring and assessing the overall situation in Israel.

The mechanism will remain dedicated to identifying the circumstances of Nepali citizens, facilitating rescue operations, and providing coordination and support as required.

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Monday October 9, 2023, 03:07:00 PM |

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