Nepali embassy collaborates with Israeli government to repatriate bodies of youths killed in Israel

10 Nepali citizens lost their lives

KATHMANDU: The Nepali Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, has initiated cooperative efforts with the Israeli government to repatriate the remains of the 10 Nepali youths who tragically lost their lives in terrorist attacks in Israel.

Among the affected individuals, four injured Nepali youths are currently receiving medical care at local hospitals, while two others have been safely accommodated in Tel Aviv.

In an official press statement issued by the embassy, it was mentioned that a search operation has been launched to locate a missing Nepali youth. This endeavor is being conducted in collaboration with various agencies, including the local police and hospital authorities.

The embassy, in conjunction with the Agriculture Orientation Centre, Israeli Security Mechanism, and Nepali organizations, is actively engaged in relocating Nepali students who were trapped on agriculture farms situated near the border area between Israel and Gaza. The objective is to ensure their safety by moving them to secure locations.

Furthermore, the embassy has taken proactive steps to gather information on more than 200 Nepali nationals in Israel. This information has been collected through a meticulously coordinated online registration system, established in collaboration with both the Nepali and Israeli governments. This system facilitates the registration of Nepali citizens who wish to return to Nepal.

In light of these challenging circumstances, the embassy has appealed to all Nepali nationals in Israel for utmost restraint and caution while cooperating and coordinating with the embassy. The safety and well-being of Nepali citizens in Israel remain a top priority for the embassy during this difficult period.

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