Kathmandu metropolitan city to provide free blood services to residents

KATHMANDU: Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has initiated an admirable program to offer complimentary blood services to its residents, ensuring their access to crucial medical resources.

Mayor Balendra Shah announced this initiative via social media on Monday, underlining the significance of preventing untimely deaths caused by blood shortages during medical emergencies.

Mayor Shah expressed, “In our unwavering commitment to prevent any loss of life among our city’s residents due to insufficient blood supply during medical emergencies, we have joined forces with the Nepal Red Cross Society.

Commencing from the date of 2080/06/22, we are launching a blood transfusion service that will enable all residents of Kathmandu Metropolitan City to receive free blood when undergoing medical treatment at any hospital.”

To avail of this service, residents are required to get in touch with the Nepal Red Cross Society Central Office and furnish necessary documentation, including citizenship certificates, immigration records, or property tax payment receipts, to verify their residency within Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

This initiative aims to improve healthcare accessibility and ensure the well-being of the city’s inhabitants during critical medical situations.

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Tuesday October 10, 2023, 10:28:29 AM |

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