“Rescue Mission: 254 Nepali Nationals Safely Return Home from Israel”

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KATHMANDU: In a successful operation, a total of 254 Nepali citizens stranded in Israel were brought back to Nepal early this morning, thanks to a wide-body aircraft provided by Nepal Airlines Corporation. Government officials, led by Minister for Foreign Affairs NP Saud, personally supervised the repatriation efforts in Israel.

Speaking to the press at Tribhuvan International Airport following the rescue flight’s arrival, Minister Saud announced that 254 out of the 503 Nepali nationals wishing to return from Israel had been safely repatriated, with plans to bring the remaining individuals back to Nepal in the near future.

He elaborated on the process, explaining, “Out of the 557 Nepalis who provided their information in response to the Nepali Embassy’s call for those seeking safer relocation and return to Nepal, 503 requested to come back home. Today, we have successfully brought 254 of them with us.”

Minister Saud also revealed that 54 Nepalis who had sought relocation from risky areas in Israel have been moved to safer zones.

He further provided an update on the individuals injured during the conflict with Hamas militants in Israel, stating that one Nepali who received treatment for injuries had returned to Nepal on the same flight, another had been discharged from the hospital, and two were still under medical care in Israel.

The minister acknowledged the ongoing efforts to locate Bipin Joshi, a Nepali national who went missing during the conflict, and assured that information would be shared as soon as additional details became available.

Regarding the tragic loss of ten Nepali students from the Far-west University of Nepal in the Hamas group’s attack, Minister Saud stated that the Ministry for Foreign Affairs was working to coordinate with the Government of Israel to bring their bodies back to Nepal.

He conveyed that the process might take some time due to legal requirements and the high number of deceased individuals in Israel, urging patience from the bereaved families and relatives.

Minister Saud emphasized that the government would make arrangements to bring back those Nepali citizens who couldn’t be repatriated this time, given the ongoing operation of regular commercial flights from Tel Aviv.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its gratitude to the media, the Governments of Israel and Nepal, the Embassy of Israel in Nepal, the Embassy of Nepal in Israel, and the flight crew for their invaluable assistance in rescuing Nepali nationals and showing solidarity during this challenging time.

Nepal Police was on standby at the airport, ready with buses to transport the rescued Nepalis to their respective destinations.

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs statistics, Israel is currently home to 265 Nepali students and around 4,500 Nepali citizens working in various professions and sectors. The 265 students participated in an Israeli government-funded ‘Learn and Earn’ program.

The ministry assured that the bodies of all the deceased would be brought to Nepal as soon as the required procedures are completed.

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