Bound by Courage, United by Dreams: Ncell stands strong with Para Players as our heroes leaves for Para Asian Games 2022

KATHMANDU: Ncell, a proud supporter of Nepal’s Para team extends best wishes to the national team as they leave for Para Asian Games 2022, China. Our heart swells with pride as Ncell connects with the Para Players in this journey of ‘Hami Tapai Kai Lagi”.

Organising a see-off programme, Ncell’s Chief Executive Office (CEO) and Managing Director (MD), Jabbor Kayumov extended best wishes to all the para players of Nepa who are representing the country in the international forum under 10 different sporting events.

Ncell has partnered with the National Paralympics Committee (NPC) Nepal, expressing Ncell’s unwavering commitment to support paralympic players of Nepal in their overall training & development throughout the year. This year 19 para athletes are representing Nepal in the Para Asian Games 2022 under 10 different sporting events including Athletics, Badminton, Cycling, Swimming. Taekwando, Judo, Power Lifting, Shooting, Table Tennis.

The para players commitment to their respective sports has not only defied physical limitations but also showcased the indomitable spirit of the human will.

Ncell strongly believes in its values of inclusivity and in line with this company aims to ensure that para players gets all the required support for enhancing their sports skills and strengthen their spirit further so that they feel Ncell is Here for the larger support of the Para players.

Expressing his excitement , CEO and MD Jabbor Kayumov said, “This is a moment of immense pride for all of us at Ncell. These athletes are a true testament of courage and determination, and they inspire us every day. Ncell reaffirms its commitment to supporting the dreams of these incredible athletes and will continue to champion the cause of inclusivity and celebrating the human spirit. Through this strategic partnership, we aim to inspire people like these players who are our real life heros”.

“We are extremely delighted to join hands with Ncell as our partner to work for the betterment of our para players across the country which has never been looked for before. Our strategic partnership with Ncell is a testament of the hope for para athletes and belief in the extraordinary potential that lies within every individual. Together, we are breaking barriers and creating a brighter, more inclusive future for para sports,” said Omnath Siwakoti, Treasurer of NPC.

“Our dreams are big and determination knows no bounds. With NPC and Ncell coming together as our backbone, we feel encouraged and inspired. We are excited to represent our nation at the Para Asian Games and are ready to make our country proud,” said Sangbu Bhote (Para Athlete 100and 400-Meter Race)

“I truly believe and live by the saying that where there is a will there is a way and that essence has been a driving factor for me to overcome my physical limitations and set on this sporting journey. Previously, NPC had been supporting us and now we have Ncell as well, as our enabler to support people like us who are differently abled yet trying to make our country proud in international arena,” said Jenisha Kadayat (Para Swimmer, 50 M Free Style)

“We have learned to rise above adversity and in this journey NPC’s support and grooming has been instrumental. With company like Ncell embracing people with disabilities like us has reinforced our belief that we are not alone in this journey, and we are proud to represent our nation at the Para Asian Games,” Himal Aryal (Para Shooting)

“We have our own unique life experience in the differently abled segment which is marked by strong resilience and determination. With this determination, we are all set for Para Asian Games and looking forward for making a history,” Digam Sing Chemjong, Para Power lifting (Upto 70 KG).

The 4th Para Asian Games is being held from 22-28 October, in Hangzou China. Our proud national Team are leaving for Hanzou tonight. The team is lead by Mr. Om Nath Siwakoti (Treasurer of NPC) as Chief-de-Mission for Para Asian Games. The Para Asian Games is not only a competition but also a platform for these para players to prove that they are capable of reaching the highest levels of athletic achievement. Ncell wishes them the very best and extends its support, as these extraordinary individuals proudly represent Nepal on the international stage.

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