NEA completes 400 kV Inaruwa substation to supply 4,000 megawatts of power

KATHMANDU: In a significant move towards enhancing Nepal’s electricity transmission and distribution network, the construction of a 400 kV capacity Inaruwa Substation in Bhokraha, Sunsari, has been successfully completed.

The automated substation, based on Gas Insulated System (GIS), is Nepal’s second-largest with a 400 kV capacity and was officially charged on Monday.

Inaruwa Substation, equipped with a 220/132/33 kV substation that has already been in operation, is the country’s first and Inaruwa’s second-largest substation. This substation, with its 220/132/33 kV substation, will provide power to the nation.

The Inaruwa Substation Expansion Project, within the framework of the Hetuda-Dhalkebar-Inaruwa 400 kV transmission line project, has three 315 MVA Power Transformers. Its capacity is 945 MVA, and it will allow the transmission of approximately 4,000 megawatts of electricity from the Inaruwa-Dhalkebar 400 kV transmission line upon completion.

The Inaruwa-Dhalkebar 400 kV transmission line construction is currently underway, with the installation of transmission lines in progress.

Kul Man Ghising, Managing Director of the Nepal Electricity Authority, emphasized the importance of Inaruwa Substation as a pivotal hub for generating additional electricity for local consumption and export to India. He highlighted the role of substations in improving voltage and ensuring high-quality power supply, which is also vital for electricity trade with India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

The construction of the Koshi Corridor 220 kV transmission line through the Inaruwa-Basantapur-Tumlingtar section is also expected to connect to the Inaruwa Substation. The project is underway, providing vital power supply to industries in the Morang-Sunsari Industrial Corridor, while upgrading power quality and enhancing electricity trade with India.

Shukra Devkota, the Project Chief, stated that Inaruwa Substation would undergo further expansion in the near future to meet rising energy demands. Delays were incurred in the project due to the floods in Terai and the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, which hampered the arrival of equipment and technical personnel.

Under the Inaruwa and Hetuda Substation construction project, a contract was signed in 2075 (2018). The Inaruwa Substation’s construction supervision was carried out by the NEA Engineering Company (NEAEC).

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