Economic dimension crucial in Nepal’s foreign policy: FM Saud

KATHMANDU: Minister for Foreign Affairs N.P. Saud has said that with the political process having gained a stable course over the years, the focus for Nepal now is on the economic front. Economic dimension is, therefore, a crucial aspect of Nepal’s foreign policy today.

In his remarks at the Talk Programme organized by United States Institute for Peace (USIP) in Washington DC, USA earlier today, Foreign Minister Saud said Nepal pursues an active and independent foreign policy. “Our conduct of external relations is based on a balanced and independent outlook, which is rooted in the historical fact that we were among the few countries that always remained independent, free from any sort of colonial rule.”

Speaking on the theme ‘Nepal’s Foreign Policy Outlook’, he said thanks to the wisdom, vision and pragmatism of our predecessors, Nepal has maintained its independence throughout history and continued its engagement with the wider world. “Amity with all and enmity with none is our motto in the foreign policy conduct.”

Our foreign policy, as stipulated in our Constitution, is based on non-alignment, Panchsheel and the principles enshrined in the UN Charter. Nepal has been maintaining friendly relations with its two immediate neighbors based on the principles of sovereign equality, mutual respect, cooperation and mutual benefit, he said and added, “We seek to prosper by being better connected to our neighborhood for economic prosperity and development.” Historically an entrepot between the vast territories on both sides of the Himalayas, Nepal wants to take advantage of the rapid pace and scale of economic prosperity and transformation taking place in the neighborhood.

Stating that Nepal values its relations with her extended neighbors, development partners, the destination countries for our migrant workers, as well as all other countries of the world, Foreign Minister Saud said the policy of non- alignment seems even more realistic in a world where the international power balance seems to be changing rapidly.

Nepal remains a firm advocate of rules-based, predictable international order and believes in multilateralism, where everyone can get our voices heard; problems and challenges recognized; and support be extended. “We have always been supporters of multilateral institutions like the United Nations.”

On a different note, the Foreign Minister said commitment to democracy, human rights and people’s empowerment are the values that are common between Nepal and the United States. “The USA was the second country in the world with which Nepal established its diplomatic relations. This speaks volumes about how solidly our connection started and how strongly it is going on”, he said, “Over the years, our relations have evolved into a cooperative and dynamic partnership encompassing political, economic, developmental, cultural and educational spheres.”

Stating that the United States is one of the largest development partners and a reliable friend of Nepal, he said from Nepal’s perspective, in realizing our aspirations for economic progress and prosperity, we look up to the USA for continued economic support in terms of more foreign direct investment, trade expansion, tourism linkages and technology transfer.

Working with the US Government at multilateral forums in areas of our mutual interest is also our priority, as we keep the interests of LDCs and LLDCs in perspective when we talk about our engagements at such forums. RSS

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