Tech Journos Forum and Genese Solution collaborate to strengthen cybersecurity expertise in Nepal

KATHMANDU: The Tech Journos Forum (TJF), an esteemed association of Nepali journalists specializing in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), joined forces with Genese Solution, a leading IT consulting firm headquartered in the UK, to organize a highly informative webinar focused on cybersecurity. The exclusive event, held on Tuesday, aimed to enlighten tech journalists in Nepal about the current state and critical significance of cybersecurity in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

This pivotal workshop provided a platform for engaging in a proactive dialogue on cybersecurity by inviting cybersecurity experts to share their insights. Leading the webinar was Aarohan Godar Thapa, a cybersecurity specialist at Genese Solution, who delved into various facets of cybersecurity.

Thapa discussed recent cyberattack incidents in Nepal, government compliance guidelines, security awareness challenges, and more. He provided valuable insights into the intricate challenges and potential solutions within the realm of cybersecurity.

A central theme highlighted throughout the webinar was the importance of adopting a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, addressing people, processes, and technology-related issues.

Participant journalists gained a deeper understanding of practical approaches to manage cyber risks and promote the development of cyber-resilient businesses and society as a whole. Thapa also addressed participants’ queries on cyber attack trends, preventive measures, solutions, safeguarding government data, and policy-level recommendations.

“Cybersecurity policies must actively incorporate solutions to address the current threats faced by individuals and businesses. Policymakers need to consider emerging topics such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency while developing long-term policies,” said Thapa.

The webinar served as a valuable platform for tech journalists to expand their knowledge of cybersecurity, engage with an expert in the field, and gain a broader perspective on the state of cybersecurity in Nepal and its implications beyond the borders.

Umesh Poudel, President of Tech Journos Forum (TJF), emphasized the vital role of journalists as a bridge between the technical landscape and the general public. He noted, “Journalists wield the power to communicate with larger audiences, making it imperative that they understand fundamental issues like cybersecurity in today’s digitized world. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Genese Solution for their invaluable support in conducting this webinar, which has contributed significantly to enhancing the capabilities of our members.”

Barsha Bhandari, Growth and Outreach Manager of Genese Solution Ltd, acknowledged the vital role played by tech journalists in raising awareness about cybersecurity among the general public. She expressed enthusiasm for continuing their collaboration with TJF in the future.

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