Ncell honours Palesha Goverdhan: Nepal’s First Asian Para Games Medalist

KATHMANDU: Recognizing Palesha Govardhan’s historic win for Nepal, the first Nepali para-athlete in history to win a medal at the 4th Asian Para Games, Ncell Axiata Limited has pledged to support Palesha Goverdhan with a sum of NPR 100,000 cash prize for her individual achievement.

Goverdhan won Bronze Winner in Taekwondo, Category K44, Weight 57 KG in the Asian Para Games 2022, Hangzhou, China. This pledge to Palesha is for her individual achievement apart from the ongoing collaboration and support from Ncell to the National Paralympics Committee (NPC) Nepal to further invest in Nepali para players with their overall training and development in line with its theme ‘Hami Tapai Kai Lagi’.

On Wednesday, Ncell organised a special meet & greet programme congratulating and felicitating Palesha on her historic win for Nepal.

Excited with her achievement for Nepal, Jabbor Kayumov, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director (MD) of Ncell said, “We are overjoyed by Palesha’s groundbreaking achievement, which has magnificently showcased the valor of Nepal’s para-athletes. Palesha and our para-athletes have inspired all of us. It’s an honor to be able to celebrate her achievement and further continue our support to the para team. Our strategic partnership with NPC seeks to inspire para players like Palesha who stand as true heroes. Our dedication to supporting our national para-athletes remains resolute, as we continue advocating for inclusivity and the celebration of the unbeatable human spirit.”

“It is a moment of immense pride that I have been able to bring home this medal first time from the Asian Para Games. I would like to thank Ncell for the support extended to para players for the development of Para Games and request to continue it further. I believe this collaboration will contribute to bringing more talents to the forefront to bring more of this kind of international recognition to Nepal,” said Palesha. She defeated China’s Liting Yang, confirming her place in the semi-finals to bag the Bronze.

This year 19 para-athletes represented Nepal in the Para Asian Games 2022 under 10 different sporting events including Athletics, Badminton, Cycling, Swimming, Taekwondo, Judo, Power Lifting, Shooting and Table Tennis.

Ncell strongly believes in its values of inclusivity and in line with this, the company aims to ensure that para players get all the required support for enhancing their sports skills and strengthen their spirit further so that they feel Ncell is Here for the larger support of the para players.

Ncell remains committed to its values of inclusivity by extending support to para players, recognizing the significance of empowering them not just in spirit but also in skill enhancement. In this endeavor, the company acknowledges the critical role that orthotics play in aiding athletes, particularly those with specific physical conditions. For individuals with flat feet, tailored orthotic solutions such as insoles for flat feet can be transformative, offering the necessary support and stability required during intense physical activities. By ensuring access to specialized orthotic aids, Ncell can aim to level the playing field, enabling para players to focus on honing their talents and achieving their full potential in sports.

On September 17, on the occasion of its 18th anniversary, Ncell under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) announced its strategic partnership with NPC to support national para players who will be representing Nepal in national and international games.

In line with this partnership, Ncell extends its support for ensuring the overall training and development of the national players along with their required diet and nutrition around the year.

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