Global IME Bank appoints Suman Pokharel as deputy CEO

KATHMANDU: Global IME Bank has announced the appointment of Suman Pokharel as its Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Pokharel, previously the Chief Executive Officer of IME Group, a key promoter of the bank, will also assume the role of Senior Vice President at IME Group. Notably, he previously served as a Director at Global IME Bank before progressing to his leadership roles within the group following the merger of various banks and financial institutions.

Suman Pokharel boasts an extensive history with Global IME Bank, having commenced his banking career at Everest Bank and subsequently joining Global after four years of experience. Over the course of three years at Global, he advanced to a position on the Board of Directors, starting from an Assistant Manager role. The Bank’s board of directors recently confirmed his new role as Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

Ratnaraj Bajracharya holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at the bank, while Surendra Regmi serves as the Senior Deputy Chief Executive.

In addition to his banking expertise, Pokharel has a diverse professional background. He served as the Chairman of Smart Choice Technology for two and a half years and currently holds a directorship at Dis Home Network Pvt. Ltd.

He also served as a Director of Nepal Infrastructure Bank, Nepal’s inaugural infrastructure bank, for one and a half years. Pokharel’s educational background includes studies in Digital Business Strategy at MIT Sloan School of Management and an MBA from Shankardev Campus.

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