Nepal unveils guidelines for responsible social media use

social media guidelines in nepal striker

KATHMANDU: New regulations governing the use of social media have been introduced by the government. In a Thursday cabinet meeting, the guidelines, put forth by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, received approval. The objective of these guidelines is to prevent the misuse of social media platforms for inciting conflict and spreading hatred.

The recently issued guidelines outline the mandatory registration with the government for social media platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, operating within Nepal. Responsibilities for both platform operators and users are clearly defined.

As per the guidelines, social media platforms are now obligated to complete registration and obtain a license within three months. Additionally, these platforms must renew their licenses every three years. The directive underscores the potential closure of unlisted social network platforms at any time. To streamline the listing and permission procedures, a ‘Social Network Management Unit’ will be established within the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

The guidelines state, “Individuals or organizations operating a social media platform, registered with the government, must renew their license every three years. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology retains the authority to shut down unlisted social media platforms at any time.”

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