Executive Director Ghising urges intensified efforts for timely substation completion

KATHMANDU: The immediate construction of the Barhabise substation in Sindhupalchok has been directed by the Upper Management of the Nepal Electricity Authority in Kathmandu. The high-level management of the Nepal Electricity Authority has directed the immediate completion of the construction of 220/132 kV substation in Barhabise, Sindhupalchok, under the 220/132 kV Barhabise Substation project.

The inspection team, consisting of Executive Director Kulman Ghising, and Executive Director Tara Prasad Pradhan from the Project Management Directorate, visited the construction site on Tuesday. They provided directives for the immediate completion of the remaining tasks.

During the visit, the team discussed issues encountered during the construction, the status of equipment supply, and the schedule for the completion of construction. The construction of the substation is scheduled to be completed within the February 2024.

Executive Director Ghising mentioned that improvements have been made in the work efficiency of the construction contractor, leading to significant progress in the Barhabise substation construction. He emphasized the need for timely completion and urged for intensified efforts.

Regarding the overall electricity production in the Middle Bhotekoshi, Ghising stated, “We need to complete the substation construction before starting the electricity production in the Middle Bhotekoshi. The Middle Bhotekoshi, located near Kathmandu, will contribute significantly to meeting this year’s electricity demand. Therefore, we are fully committed to supporting the project, and we encourage cooperation and facilitation from all parties.”

The delay in the construction of the Barhabise substation has been attributed to the weak operational performance of the joint venture of Chinese companies, Gwangsui Transmission and Substation Construction, and Shenjen Clou Electronics.

The Nepal Electricity Authority has repeatedly directed them to improve their performance, emphasizing the importance of completing the substation construction. Failure to complete the construction of the Barhabise substation, crucial for connecting the Middle Bhotekoshi hydroelectric project to the grid, has been warned of potential penalties.

Power transformers for the substation have been installed, with 220/132 kV, 160 MVA, and 132/11 kV, 5 MVA power transformers already in place. Gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) technology-based equipment has been installed in the substation. All the equipment required for the control room has been supplied, and only civil works remain pending. The progress of the 220/132 kV substation construction is approximately 90%, while another 400 kV substation in Barhabise is also under construction.

Executive Director Ghising’s team also assessed the progress of the Middle Bhotekoshi hydroelectric project. The final phase of the project is nearing completion, and the generated electricity of 220 kV will be transmitted to the Barhabise substation. The team has urged the project representatives to start the construction of towers for the transmission line immediately.

The Tamakoshi-Kathmandu transmission line and substation construction project, which is part of the national transmission system for hydropower, is in progress. The Asian Development Bank is providing a concessional loan for the transmission line and substation construction.

The 220/400 kV transmission line under the Tamakoshi-Kathmandu project is under construction, covering a distance of 46 kilometers from Ramche in Sindhupalchok to Barhabise. Among the 118 towers for the transmission line, only 13 are yet to be constructed. Out of these, 12 towers are planned to be built in the forest area of Sindhupalchok.

The 400 kV double circuit transmission line from Barhabise to Lapsiphedi, covering a distance of 46 kilometers, is also under construction. Out of the 122 towers planned for this line, four towers are yet to be constructed due to local opposition in Lapsiphedi. A 27-kilometer section of the transmission line has already been installed.

The construction of a new 400 kV substation in Lapsiphedi, planned to be connected to the 400/220 kV and 132/11 kV substations, has not yet started due to local opposition. The progress of the 400/220 kV and 132/11 kV Lapsiphedi substations is also affected by local resistance.

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