Worldlink receives ‘Digital Transformation Award’

KATHMANDU: The country’s largest internet service provider Worldlink Communications has succeeded in getting the Digital Transformation Award.

The Asian-Ocean Computing Industry Organization (ASOC) presented the award to the company on Tuesday, November 14, 2023 in a special event held in Seoul, South Korea.

Brain Sen, president of the association handed over the award to Laxman Yadav, director of World link. The company was honored with this award for contributing to the digital transformation of the country by developing important infrastructure to bring high-speed internet to various remote areas of the country including Karnali.

24 different countries including New Zealand, Japan, Australia, India, Singapore, China, Nepal and other countries are members in the association. This award is given every year to the service providers of each member country. Worldlink has already been honored with the Association’s International Outstanding User Organization Award in 2018.

In 1995, when the Internet had just started in Nepal, Worldlink came into the market with the clear objective of reducing the ‘digital divide’. The company, which has been providing connectivity tools for educational institutions, businesses and general public, has extended its services even to extremely difficult and remote areas that are currently deprived of internet access.

The service of Worldlink, which has succeeded in connecting more than eight lakh households to internet services, has spread to the hill, mountain and Terai regions of the country. Worldlink, established as the backbone of Nepal’s Internet services, has also succeeded in placing itself at the forefront of Nepal’s digital transformation.

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