HAN urges government attention to tourism challenges

The President of the Hotel Association of Nepal, Vinayak Shah, and officials met with the Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, Sudhan Kiranti, to discuss the country’s tourism activities.

During the meeting, President Shah mentioned that while there has been an increase in tourism arrivals in the country, the operation of many large hotels has increased over time.

He pointed out that despite the rise in capacity, hotels are operating at a one-third capacity due to difficulties in supplies, attributing it to the government’s attention being focused on distributing relief funds quickly for earthquake survivors in Jajarkot. He urged the government to pay attention to this issue.

President Shah also highlighted challenges faced by foreign tourists coming to Nepal, such as difficulties in road travel, airports, and transportation, emphasizing the need for the government to address these issues to attract tourists to Nepal.

He urged the government to pay attention to the newly developed regional airports in Pokhara and Bhairahawa, stating that they could significantly contribute to boosting tourism in the country.

Shah emphasized the need for collaboration between the Nepal Tourism Board and Nepal Airlines to effectively promote the country’s tourism on the international stage. He suggested the formation of a task force to streamline and simplify tourism policies and regulations, fostering a friendly and collaborative environment between the government and the private sector. President Shah also expressed the hotel sector’s willingness to cooperate with the government to resolve existing issues in the industry.

Furthermore, Shah discussed the need for organized and effective regulation of the casino industry, ensuring it contributes positively to tourism. He informed about the ongoing discussions with the Homestay and Air B&B operators in the country, recommending their registration, renewal, and taxation for better regulation and revenue generation.

In addressing the economic impact of COVID, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and conflicts in the Middle East on tourism and the hotel industry, President Shah suggested that the government provide relief to banks in terms of interest rates if they are unable to understand the difficulties in time. He proposed extending the timeframe for understanding the interest in such a situation.

During the event, President Shah informed about the Hotel Association of Nepal’s plan to celebrate Nepal Hospitality Day on January 15, seeking government support. He also highlighted the importance of an upcoming tourism decade and suggested that relevant suggestions should be considered soon by the government. In this context, he expressed that the government has already initiated work in the Ministry of Home Affairs for the tourism decade.

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