NTA urge caution in using free VPNs for enhanced online security

Nepal Telecommunication Authority issues warning on Ncell share transactions

KATHMANDU: While virtual private networks (VPNs) are commonly used to secure internet access, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority has cautioned against the potential risks associated with free VPN services.

Despite the availability of free VPNs on the internet, the regulatory body has issued a warning, especially in the context of the recent shutdown of the TikTok social media platform.

Recent studies have shown vulnerabilities related to data security and privacy in the majority of free VPNs that are easily accessible online. According to information released by the authority, users are advised to avoid using free VPNs due to the potential risks involved.

The authority highlights concerns that free VPN providers may collect and store user information, posing a risk of unauthorized sales and distribution.

Furthermore, providers of free VPNs have the capability to monitor users’ online activities illegitimately. The authority also notes the possibility of a degradation in internet speed and quality when using such VPNs. In light of these potential risks, the regulatory body strongly advises users against the use of free VPNs.

In addition, free VPN providers have the potential to monitor users’ online activities in an unauthorized manner. The authority has also highlighted the possibility of a reduction in internet speed and quality when using such VPNs. Considering these potential risks, the regulatory body strongly discourages the use of free VPNs.

The authority also emphasizes the likelihood of malware downloads through free VPNs, which can compromise users’ computer or mobile device systems and jeopardize sensitive data.

It has urged users to exercise caution and adhere to recommended security practices. The authority further notes that the use of free VPNs may increase the risk of falling victim to hacking attempts.

Moreover, the potential for unauthorized hacking increases when using free VPNs, making it advisable to avoid their use. The authority cautions that free VPNs could potentially lead to hacking incidents, reinforcing the importance of refraining from their use.

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