NAC affirms simultaneous progress in restructuring and fleet expansion

Qatar Airways proposes management takeover of Nepal Airlines Corporation amid financial crisis

KATHMANDU: Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has affirmed that the ongoing organizational restructuring and the acquisition of aircraft are concurrent initiatives. Addressing concerns surrounding the restructuring, NAC underscores the interdependence of both endeavors, emphasizing their integral roles in the corporation’s overall strategy.

The corporation emphasizes the vital role of aircraft in its daily operations, especially in reaching remote areas. It assures stakeholders that restructuring efforts are actively in progress, advancing at a steady pace.

In its commitment to improving connectivity to remote regions, NAC is in the process of acquiring three TwinOtter aircraft. The corporation asserts that the financial resources required for this venture will be internally generated.

According to Spokesperson Ramesh Paudel, NAC clarified, “Efficient management of these aircraft is feasible as they are expected to be delivered within six months, with payments structured incrementally rather than in a lump sum.”

Moreover, NAC underscores the transparency of its aircraft procurement process, noting that it has secured the necessary permissions from the relevant ministry.

This development follows earlier committee reports advocating for the indispensability of aircraft, emphasizing their pivotal role in enhancing the corporation’s overall quality of service.

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