Protest Erupts at Nepal Airlines: Employees Demand Removal of Executive Chief Adhikari

Qatar Airways proposes management takeover of Nepal Airlines Corporation amid financial crisis

KATHMANDU: Employees of Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) have launched a demonstration, demanding the removal of Ubaraj Adhikari, the executive chief of the state-owned airline. The protest unfolded as employees prevented the executive chief from entering the office premises, expressing concerns about the airline’s precarious state.

The protesting employees erected a banner at the office gate explicitly forbidding the chief executive from entering, accusing him of endangering the national flag carrier, a shared asset of three million Nepali people.

Adhikari faces allegations of negligence in safeguarding ground handling operations at Tribhuvan International Airport, a critical resource for NAC. Additionally, he is accused of neglecting regular maintenance of aircraft on international flights, making arbitrary appointments of wage and contract employees, and demoralizing permanent, qualified, and skilled staff.

The recent decision by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) to open up ground handling, previously under NAC’s monopoly, to competitive bidding has intensified the employees’ discontent. The protestors also highlighted the neglect of TwinOtter aircraft, unused for years, and the poor management of Chinese aircraft.

The demonstrators outlined nine reasons for their demand to dismiss the executive chief officer, emphasizing critical issues affecting the airline’s operations and expressing dissatisfaction with Adhikari’s leadership.

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Monday December 4, 2023, 11:38:41 AM |

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