Urgency Lacking: MCA Nepal’s board raises Red Flags, calls for schedule reevaluation

MCC-backed transmission line project contracts scrapped in Nepal

KATHMANDU: The convening of the Board of Directors meeting at the Millennium Challenge Account Nepal (MCA) has resulted in a pivotal decision to initiate a comprehensive review of the proposed timeline governing the procurement and construction phases of the critical transmission line project.

CEO Khadga Bahadur Bista elucidated that the currently outlined procurement plan and associated schedule indicate a projected timeframe surpassing one and a half years before the commencement of the actual construction of the transmission line project.

Despite these projections, a notable undercurrent of concern surfaced during the board meeting, primarily centered around a perceived deficiency in urgency and commitment exhibited by the MCA management towards the project.

This apprehension prompted the Board of Directors to issue a directive to the management, urging a thorough revision of the existing schedule and the submission of a substantively altered proposal.

In the course of the meeting, board members underscored their apprehensions by cautioning the management against the perils of adopting a lackadaisical approach to procurement planning and work scheduling.

The board articulated the paramount importance of steering clear of any semblance of laxity, as it could potentially pose a threat to the successful execution of the entire project.

This admonition serves as a clear indication of the board’s steadfast commitment to ensuring the project’s timely and efficient realization, underscoring the critical nature of adherence to rigorous timelines and proactive project management.

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Tuesday December 5, 2023, 12:05:11 PM |

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