TikTok initiates registration process in Nepal, seeks government approval

KATHMANDU: TikTok has taken steps towards official registration in Nepal by sending an email to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Following the government’s imposition of a ban, TikTok has formally applied for registration.

Netra Prasad Subedi, spokesperson for the ministry, shared insights, stating, “In the email, TikTok appreciates the introduction of social media regulatory guidelines and poses several questions regarding the registration process.” He added, “The content of the email suggests a genuine interest in being registered in Nepal.”

Subedi clarified that the government will refrain from responding as the matter of the TikTok ban is currently under consideration in court.

While discussions about the inclusion of other platforms may take place, no official communication with those platforms will occur until a final decision on TikTok is issued by the court.

On November 13, the government opted to ban TikTok, citing its adverse impact on social harmony and the social environment. Currently, 14 writs challenging this decision have been registered in the Supreme Court.

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Wednesday December 6, 2023, 01:46:45 PM |

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