Woman facing extreme labor exploitation rescued from Kuwait

BENI (Myagdi): Hirakumari Chokhal, a resident of Beni municipality-9, Ghalan Kaulegaunda, has been rescued alive in Kuwait. She had been suffering from extreme forms of labor exploitation in the course of her employment.

Chokhal, 33, who reached Kuwait through India on the lure of a lucrative benefits package, was rescued acting on her plea for the same.

The Myagdi Prawasi Nepali Sangh MONA Kuwait, MONA International and Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), Kuwait, among others rescued her.

Chokhal, who returned from Kuwait, reached her home on Wednesday. She was welcomed by her family and neighbors with flowers and garlands.

Some eight months ago, Chokhal had reached Kuwait via India to earn some money for the treatment of her critically ill husband and education of kids.

She complained that she was forced to work for 18 hours every day and even not paid the remuneration on time. Chokhal further said she asked for support for rescue when mental and physical torture was being frequently meted out against her in the employment.

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Thursday December 7, 2023, 11:50:31 AM |

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