Cyclone ‘Michaung’ impact: cooler weather and rainfall reach Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: Cyclone ‘Michaung,’ originating in India, is set to influence Nepal for the next three days, reaching the capital city, Kathmandu. The cyclone’s waning strength has given rise to a low-pressure system, ushering in cooler weather since Thursday. Despite hopes for sunny skies, the atmosphere is now characterized by a chill enveloped in foggy clouds.

Nepal, including the capital, is undergoing weather fluctuations due to the cyclone’s partial impact from Chhattisgarh. Meteorologist Ganga Nagarkoti notes a temperature drop and the prevalence of westerly winds in various parts of Nepal.

Some regions in Bagmati and Gandaki provinces are experiencing light rain, with partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. The forecast indicates chances of light to moderate rain in portions of Lumbini and Madhesh provinces later in the afternoon.

Tonight, hilly areas will be partially to mostly cloudy, while other regions will remain relatively clear. There is a potential for light to moderate rain accompanied by thunder and lightning in specific locations across various provinces.

Tomorrow anticipates scattered rain throughout the country, with provinces such as Bagmati, Gandaki, and Lumbini expecting light to moderate rain coupled with thunderstorms.

Saturday may witness heavy rain and thunderstorms in select areas of Madhesh and Bagmati provinces.

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Thursday December 7, 2023, 05:03:19 PM |

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