Patan High Court issues short-term halt on Ncell share transactions

The Patan High Court has temporarily halted the buying and selling of Ncell shares by issuing a short-term interim order.

During the hearing of the writ petition lodged by Gokul Bahadur Rokaya, the bench, led by Judge Purushottam Prasad Dhakal of the Patan High Court, issued this directive to the Company Registrar’s office in Tripureshwar and other relevant entities, instructing them to cease the sale of Ncell shares.

This short-term interim order was issued on Thursday during the hearing of the writ petition concerning Ncell transactions.

Additionally, the Patan High Court has summoned both parties involved to appear for an interim order hearing scheduled for December 11.

The court has requested that decisions related to the purchase and sale of Ncell be presented during the discussion on the interim order.


Fiscal Nepal |
Thursday December 7, 2023, 06:10:12 PM |

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