Sanil Nepal approved as Nepali ambassador to strengthen ties with Portugal

KATHMANDU: The Federal Parliament Hearing Committee on Friday unanimously approved the name of Sanil Nepal as Nepal’s ambassador to Portugal.

Portugal and Nepal are set to strengthen their ties in tourism, investment, and business development, as Nepal secures approval as the newly appointed Nepali ambassador to Portugal.

During a parliamentary hearing, Nepal affirmed his commitment to safeguarding the rights of Nepali citizens in Portugal and outlined plans for enhanced bilateral cooperation in trade, investment, and business, alongside promoting tourism.

The decision to establish a Nepali embassy in Portugal, backed by official Portuguese data, is deemed significant. Nepal emphasized that the embassy’s establishment would ensure the protection of Nepali citizens’ rights and interests, offering them convenient consular services.

Official statistics from Portugal indicate around 25,000 Nepali residents, but Nepal believes the actual number may surpass 70,000. The ambassador anticipates that the embassy’s presence will alleviate challenges faced by Nepali residents, with oversight from the Nepali embassy in Paris.

Recognizing Portugal’s importance as a key member of the European Union, Nepal reflected on the historical diplomatic relations between the two countries. He also underscored Portugal as a safer alternative for Nepali agricultural students compared to unsafe conditions in Israel.

Additionally, plans were revealed for collaboration with the Nepal Tourism Board to launch the ‘From the Sea to Sagarmatha’ program, aimed at promoting tourism and attracting Portuguese citizens to Nepal.

Responding to parliamentary inquiries, Sanil Nepal detailed plans to prioritize the sale and distribution of Nepali products in Portuguese and European markets, foster football development in collaboration with Portugal, and invest in sectors such as water resources, agriculture, tourism, and information technology.

The parliamentary meeting, chaired by Members of Parliament Pashupati SJB Rana and Gyanendra Bahadur Karki, addressed various aspects of the embassy’s establishment.

In a related development, Minister of Foreign Affairs NP Saud shared information before the parliamentary hearing committee, confirming the imminent opening of the Nepali embassy in Portugal.

The embassy’s primary objective is to protect the rights of over 40,000 Nepali residents in Portugal and provide them with direct services. Minister Saud highlighted the growing number of Nepali residents in Portugal, emphasizing the essential role of the embassy.

Concerns were raised by Mahesh Bartaula of the CPN UML regarding the economic expenditure involved, questioning the government’s ability to manage the financial burden, especially considering the Finance Minister’s statement about the lack of budget.

Similar concerns were echoed by Member of Parliament Ramesh Jung Rayamajhi, emphasizing the importance of systematic embassy operation post-establishment.

This marks a historic moment as Nepal opens its first embassy in Portugal. Nepali institutions in Portugal have rallied international support to raise substantial funds from Nepalis and other communities in European countries, including Turkiye, which have not contributed to the European Union, for initiatives in Portugal. The government has been urged to take robust measures against human trafficking.

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