Global IME Bank’s subsidiary, JBNL Securities, launches stock brokerage services

KATHMANDU: JBNL Securities Limited, the subsidiary of Global IME Bank Limited, has commenced its operations in the stock brokerage sector from Monday. The inauguration ceremony took place in the presence of Chandra Prasad Dhakal, the President of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and the Chairman of Global IME Bank Limited.

During the event, Chairman Dhakal extended his best wishes for the complete business success of the company, highlighting JBNL Securities’ significant role in contributing to the development and expansion of the country’s economic activities through the stock market.

Ratnraj Bajracharya, the Chief Executive Officer of Global IME Bank, emphasized that the company would play a crucial role in implementing effective governance, technology, and regulatory compliance, as directed by regulatory bodies and supervisory authorities.

Furthermore, the event was attended by key executives of Global IME Bank, including Surendra Raj Regmi, Senior Deputy CEO, Suman Pokharel, Deputy CEO, and Bishnu Prasad Baskota, Company Secretary, along with other top-level management and staff.

JBNL Securities has received approval for stock brokerage operations from the Securities Board of Nepal and is located at New Baneshwor. The company holds membership as a broker (stock broker No. 89) with the Nepal Stock Exchange Limited.

This initiative by Global IME Bank reflects its commitment to diversify its services and contribute to the growth of Nepal’s financial market. JBNL Securities is expected to provide comprehensive stock brokerage services, facilitating investors in their transactions in the stock market.

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Monday December 11, 2023, 06:22:00 PM |

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