Pressure from PM Dahal allegedly behind Thani’s resignation

KATHMANDU: The Executive Director of Nepal Oil Corporation, Umesh Prasad Thani, has tendered his resignation from the position. Industry, Commerce, and Supply Minister Ramesh Rijal announced that Thani submitted his resignation letter on Tuesday.

“Executive Director Thani has officially resigned, and the resignation will take effect from tomorrow, December 13,” stated Minister Rijal. However, the minister did not disclose the reasons behind Thani’s decision to step down.

According to a source from the Commerce Ministry, it has been revealed that Thani was compelled to resign under significant pressure from Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal. It is suggested that the resignation was influenced by the Prime Minister’s intention to appoint individuals affiliated with the Maoist party to key positions within the corporation.

Thani had been appointed as the executive director of the corporation by the government in March 2021, with a tenure of three years. The Executive Selection Committee of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supply had recommended three individuals, namely Chandika Prasad Bhatt, Jeevan Prakash Sitaula, and Thani, to the Council of Ministers for executive appointment.

Thani assumed the role under the leadership of the then Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba. After serving in the corporation for one year and nine months, Thani has chosen to resign from his position.

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