Feed the Minds campaigner Sangita Shrestha awarded for advocacy of women’s rights

LONDON: Sangita Shrestha ‘Swechcha’ has been honored with the Ambassador for Peace Award by the Universal Peace Federation in London.

The award, presented on December 9, acknowledges her significant contributions to peace-building initiatives and international development. With over fifteen years of experience in development communication, she has been a key advocate for women’s rights, global education, research communication, and environmental causes.

Currently associated with Feed the Minds, a London-based international development organization, she focuses on empowering those in poverty through education, particularly championing the voices of women.

The Ambassador for Peace Award recognizes Shrestha’s commitment to fostering positive change and creating a more harmonious world. In her acceptance, she expressed deep gratitude for the recognition, emphasizing that the award motivates her to further contribute to peace and development.

Margaret Ali, Director of UPF, UK, highlighted that the award is a testament to Shrestha’s exceptional leadership, advocacy, and dedication to promoting peace and harmony within communities and across borders.

Upon receiving the prestigious award, Dr Shrestha thanked the UPF, stating, “I am deeply honoured to be recognised as an Ambassador for Peace by the Universal Peace Federation. This award serves as a tremendous source of encouragement for my work, motivating me to further contribute.”

“I firmly believe in the transformative power of words, viewing them not only as a means of communication but as tools to reshape perspectives and catalyse positive change. Whether through fiction or stories on crucial developmental issues, my aim is to convey messages that resonate with a broader audience. From my debut novel published while I was 18, highlighting women trafficking, to my upcoming novel on women’s sexuality, health, body image, as well as associated stigma, my goal has always been to bring social issues to light,” she added.


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