The Governance Lab Celebrates Success of National Governance Symposium 2023

KATHMANDU: The Governance Lab (Govlab) successful conclusion of the National Governance Symposium 2023, a momentous two-day event that took place against the backdrop of Nepal’s remarkable milestones, including its recent graduation from Least Developed Country status. The symposium emerged as a pivotal platform, uniting key stakeholders in the nation’s federal transition and receiving significant support from key governmental entities.

The symposium, organized in collaboration with Daayitwa and Nepal Leadership Academy, focused on the theme “Governance Innovations for Inclusive Development.”

Distinguished dignitaries and experts convened to deliver thought-provoking sessions on political, economic, and social inclusion, emphasizing innovative prospects and interventions for collaborative governance approaches in Nepal.

The event commenced with an inaugural session featuring Dr. Pukar Malla, Chairperson of the Governance Lab, providing opening remarks. Dr. Mukta Singh Lama-Tamang from the Central Department of Anthropology at Tribhuvan University delivered the keynote address, enriching the inauguration with insightful perspectives.

The National Governance Symposium 2023 served as a dynamic forum, bringing together diverse voices from academia, government bodies, and developmental organizations.

The symposium explored the theme of “Innovations for Inclusive Development,” fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Esteemed speakers and contributors illuminated the complexities of inclusive development, presenting innovative solutions.

The symposium’s success is attributed to the valuable contributions of organizing partners Daayitwa Abhiyaan and Nepal Leadership Academy, as well as the steadfast support of key governmental entities, including the Ministry of Federal Affairs & General Administration, Ministry of Finance, National Planning Commission, and the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers.

Expressing gratitude, the Governance Lab highlighted the symposium not only as a platform for dialogue but as a catalyst for actionable insights and partnerships. The event significantly contributes to shaping the trajectory of inclusive development in Nepal, fostering a collaborative and innovative approach towards the nation’s governance landscape.

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