Nepal Telecommunication Authority revokes internet licenses for three companies

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) has taken decisive action by revoking the internet service licenses of three companies, including United Telecom Limited (UTL). The move comes as a result of the companies’ failure to renew their licenses within the stipulated timeframe.

The affected companies are United Telecom Limited (UTL), located at Putlisadak, Kathmandu; Max Net Solutions Pvt Ltd in Koteshwar, Kathmandu; and Chitwan Network Pvt Ltd. The License Management Branch of the Nepal Telecommunication Authority revealed that all three service providers had neglected to renew their licenses for an extended period.

United Telecom Limited (UTL) initially obtained internet service permission in 2004, Max Net Solutions Pvt Ltd in 2017, and Chitwan Network Pvt Ltd also in 2017. Per regulations, licenses must be renewed every five years.

The NTA stated that the licenses for these companies were automatically revoked due to their failure to submit renewal applications within the specified timeframe.

The NTA has directed the affected companies to settle any outstanding dues and provide payment details within 30 days. Failure to comply within this timeframe may result in further legal actions as per existing regulations.

This development follows a similar action taken in October when the NTA revoked the internet service licenses of Galkot Link Pvt Ltd in Baglung and Surkhet Cable Net TV Pvt Ltd in Birendranagar. The NTA remains committed to enforcing compliance within the telecommunications sector to ensure the efficient and lawful provision of internet services in Nepal, the statement said.

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Thursday December 14, 2023, 11:35:39 AM |

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