Ncell and Dhulikhel Hospital’s telemedicine initiative: A revolution in the digital transformation of the healthcare

KATHMANDU: Ncell’s Telemedicine and Health Informatics Programme, in collaboration with Dhulikhel Hospital, stands as a significant milestone in social initiatives that have sparked a revolution in the country’s healthcare sector. With the success of this project, it has been replicated in other hospitals and health centers by the Bagmati Province Government.

Launched in 2019 as part of Ncell’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) project, the aim was to provide quality healthcare services to underserved people in rural areas through technology and data-driven healthcare methods.

With the implementation of this innovative initiative, over 80,000 people from more than 15,000 households of the underserved rural communities, are in easy access to quality healthcare services.

Locals living in the communities of the project areas in the four community outreach centres of the hospital—Manekharka (Sindhupalchowk), Dorpu (Solukhumbu), Thangsin (Nuwakot) and Bolde Kavrepalchowk—are getting treatments on communicable as well as non-communicable chronic diseases.Jabbor Kayumov, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Ncell, said, “In our efforts to highlight our contributions to the society we operate in, I would like to reiterate our brand theme ‘Here for You,’ signifying Ncell’s commitment to Nepal and its people at all times. We truly live by this essence. In contributing to the digital nation building and the digital transformation of the eco-system, we are extremely happy to continue this initiative and play a vital role in ensuring access to quality healthcare using technology and data-driven healthcare methods.”

What makes this project unique is the Personalised Health Programme (PHP), which provides personalized health services to locals from the project areas. Outreach centers conduct regular health monitoring for timely intervention at the local level and to develop data-driven behavior change for the betterment of local people’s health.

This joint initiative of Ncell with Dhulikhel Hospital is creating a ripple effect in the country’s health ecosystem. According to Dhulikhel Hospital, PHP has been replicated by Dhulikhel Municipality, Panchkhal Municipality of Kavre, and several other municipalities that are keenly interested in implementing it. Likewise, after the successful implementation of the telemedicine initiative in the four outreach centers, the same telemedicine service model has been replicated in two rural hospitals and three health centres by the Bagmati Province Government in collaboration with Dhulikhel Hospital.

Dr. Biraj Karmacharya, Public Health and Community Programme Director at Dhulikhel Hospital, said, “Ncell and Dhulikhel Hospital’s association has set an example in revolutionising the way health services are provided for the betterment of people from far-flung areas. Bagmati Province has joined hands with us to replicate the telemedicine service in Manthali Hospital (Ramechhap), Jibjibe Rural Hospital (Rasuwa), Lampantar Primary Health Centre (Sindhuli), Salyantar Primary Health Centre (Dhading), and Kharanitar Primary Health Centre (Nuwakot). Dhulikhel Hospital acts as a hub hospital for these hospitals and health centers, providing benefits to more than 150,000 local people from the project areas.”

The telemedicine service enables community members to connect with expert doctors using advanced telemedicine kits, allowing them to consult directly with doctors based in Dhulikhel Hospital without having to travel to Dhulikhel or other nearby city hospitals for consultations.

Health is one of the top priorities of CSR at Ncell. Ncell had signed an agreement for this project in 2019, showcasing its commitment as a socially responsible corporate citizen to driving impactful social initiatives benefiting the community at large.

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