Chaudhary Group’s telecom arm loses license for Rural Telecommunication Services

KATHMANDU: CG Telecom, a subsidiary of the Chaudhary Group, is facing license revocation as reported by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority following the lapse of the renewal period.

Insiders from the authority reveal that CG’s license for rural telecommunication services has been revoked. Despite a prolonged struggle to secure a unified service license, the company failed to meet the renewal deadline, leading to the regulatory authority notifying them of the license revocation.

An official from the authority explained, “Renewal is mandatory every 10 years. As per the Telecommunication Act, Section 25 (6), the license has been revoked.” The board has yet to reach a decision on this matter.

Renewal applications were expected to be submitted by the end of the renewal period, a requirement unmet by the company within the specified timeframe.

The Chaudhary Group, embroiled in a lengthy dispute over the unified license, has now lost its license for rural telecommunication services.

Prior efforts involved gearing up for equipment import by seeking licensing permissions. Despite importing the necessary equipment and establishing the required infrastructure, the company’s failure to renew the license in a timely manner has resulted in its revocation during the ongoing equipment import process.

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Friday December 15, 2023, 09:26:02 PM |

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