Mayor Shah advocates for long-term waste solutions and river protection in valley

KATHMANDU: Balendra Shah, the Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), emphasized the need for coordinated development in the valley, addressing a program held in Lalitpur Metropolitan City on the occasion of its 105th Foundation Day on Monday.

During his address, Mayor Shah stressed the importance of simultaneous development across all metropolitan cities in the valley to enhance its overall beauty. He noted the discomfort arising from conflicting federal and local laws, hindering coordinated development efforts.

Mayor Shah called on Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal to address legal obstacles and resolve long-standing waste management issues, particularly pointing out challenges posed by conflicting federal government policies. He urged the government to take proactive measures regarding river encroachment in Kathmandu.

In his plea to the Prime Minister, Mayor Shah stated, “We have been managing waste in Banchare Danda. Local governments face obstacles in handling it independently, and I request the Honorable Prime Minister to eliminate these hindrances. We aim for the valley’s waste management to be a long-term solution lasting for centuries, not just 50 years. While river encroachment is a concern in Kathmandu, it is not the case in Lalitpur, and footpath encroachment occurs in Lalitpur but not in Kathmandu. I believe that with the Prime Minister’s attention, river encroachment can be swiftly resolved, possibly within just five minutes to an hour. This is not a task for mayors alone. May Kathmandu shine as brightly as Lalitpur. Our actions are our duty, and they should be recognized accordingly.”

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