Tara Air incident: emergency door glass detaches during takeoff

KATHMANDU: The incident involving Tara Air’s aircraft and the detachment of the emergency door’s glass panel during takeoff has prompted a preliminary investigation report submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN). According to the report, the detachment occurred after the aircraft, with the callsign 9N-ALO, departed from Tribhuvan International Airport on its way to Lukla.

Gyanendra Bhul, the information officer of CAAN, explained that the glass panel fell due to a failure in properly securing the luggage. During takeoff from Runway 02, the glass panel detached and fell near Gothatar, close to Krishna Temple. The investigation revealed that the cargo was not adequately loaded. Notably, the pilot was reportedly unaware of the detachment of the glass panel on the right side.

In response to the incident, CAAN directed Tara Air to conduct a refresher class for cargo loaders. Additionally, as a consequence, the pilot, co-pilot, and air hostess were grounded for eight days. Their release was effective as of the day before the report was made, which was mentioned as “yesterday” in the provided information.

The detachment of the emergency door occurred on Sunday, December 10, during the Kathmandu-Lukla route at 9:30 AM. The aircraft, carrying two passengers and cargo, landed at Lukla at 10 AM, where the detachment of the emergency door was discovered.

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