Nepali tourists rank 7th among foreign visitors to India in 2022

KATHMANDU: In 2022, Nepali tourists claimed the 7th spot among foreign visitors to India, as per data from the Ministry of Tourism. Of the 6.2 million total tourists that year, Nepali nationals constituted 2.19%, totaling 135,347 individuals. Notably, December emerged as the peak season for Nepalis traveling to India, while January marked the lowest number of visits.

Favorable weather in December attracts a surge of Nepali tourists engaging in sightseeing activities across India. The eve of the English New Year also witnesses a significant number of citizens venturing out, contributing to the travel influx during this period.

The United States topped the list in 2022, with 1.3 million American tourists visiting India. Bangladesh secured the second position with 1.25 million tourists. The impact of COVID-19 significantly affected the Indian tourism market in 2021, with only 1.52 million tourists, following a peak of 10.9 million visitors in 2019.

Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi remained a primary entry point, with 1.93 million arrivals in 2022, constituting 31.21% of the total tourists. Other significant entry points included airports in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, and Kolkata.

Conversely, in 2022, 209,105 Indians visited Nepal, securing the top spot in total tourist numbers. Notably, both Nepal and India define tourists as citizens traveling by aircraft. Despite statistical data on Indian citizens traveling, Nepal has not yet become a prominent choice for Indian tourists.

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