NADA Nepal chooses Karan Chaudhary as president for two-year term

KATHMANDU: The NADA Automobiles Association of Nepal has reached a consensus on its new leadership, officially appointing Karan Chaudhary as the president for a two-year term. This decision was made in the presence of the former president during discussions.

Karan Chaudhary and NADA executive member Akash Golcha were both contenders for the leadership position, actively engaging in efforts to garner support leading up to the 47th General Assembly scheduled for January 5 and 6.

NADA President Dhruba Thapa confirmed that Akash Golcha, who had aspirations for the presidency, will now assume the role of senior vice-president. Thapa mentioned, “It has been agreed to introduce the position of senior vice president through a special general meeting and constitutional amendments.” Consequently, the next presidential term will not involve an election, as the senior vice-president will automatically transition into the role of president.

Thapa further announced that the special assembly will take place within three months, during which the names of other officials will be determined through consensus in the general meeting. Reflecting on the past election where Thapa and Chaudhary competed for the chairmanship, Karan expressed that his appointment as president this year was reached through consensus.

He stated, “This agreement sends a message of unity among automobile businessmen, and I am committed to advocating for the rights of automobile entrepreneurs.” Golcha, the aspiring president, also conveyed that it was agreed for one person to lead initially, with the other assuming the role later on.

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