Government sets minimum sugarcane price at Rs 635 per quintal

KATHMANDU: The government has established the minimum procurement price for sugarcane, addressing the persistent demand from farmers who sought Rs 750 per quintal. However, the determined minimum purchase price has been set at Rs 635 per quintal.

Communications and Information Technology Minister Rekha Sharma clarified that the breakdown involves sugarcane mills contributing Rs 565 per quintal, while the government will provide Rs 70 per quintal.

Minister Sharma stated, “The minimum purchase price for sugarcane has been defined, comprising an industry contribution of Rs 565 per quintal and a government contribution of Rs 70 per quintal. Consequently, farmers will receive Rs 635 per quintal for their sugarcane.”

Fiscal Nepal |
Wednesday December 20, 2023, 04:45:58 PM |

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