Government to undertake Policy Departure for ICT sector advancement, says Minister Sharma

KATHMANDU: In a meeting with the executive committee of the Tech Journos Forum (TJF) on Tuesday, Communication and Information Minister Rekha Sharma emphasized the critical need for substantial improvements in Nepal’s information technology sector, declaring a forthcoming “Policy Departure” to enhance the ICT landscape.

Minister Sharma conveyed that the government is poised to make bold decisions regarding various policies governing the development of Nepal’s ICT sector. Despite recent short-term advancements in the information technology field, she stressed the necessity for comprehensive policy, legal, and structural reforms.

“Information technology is shaping every individual’s lifestyle today, and if Nepal wants its citizens to compete globally, a singular foundation in information technology is imperative,” emphasized Minister Sharma. She underscored the global competitive potential of Nepal’s IT sector, calling for essential structural changes in both policy and law.

Umesh Poudel, President of the Tech Journos Forum, along with other officials, offered suggestions to Minister Sharma concerning policy, law, and structural reforms for the development of information technology in the country.

Poudel emphasized the need for a long-lasting policy governing the entire ICT sector, urging the next government to implement laws according to the evolving needs of the time.

Addressing concerns about potential disruptions due to changes in leadership or government, the program highlighted the necessity for leadership continuity to ensure the effective implementation of policies, laws, and structural developments in the information technology sector.

Minister Sharma disclosed ongoing preparations for special programs aimed at inspiring youth to contribute to the country’s development through information technology. She personally committed to bringing innovation to the sector through initiatives such as IT Education, Digital Champions, and Digital Skills.

Furthermore, Minister Sharma shared that the National Cybersecurity Policy was issued in July 2023, serving as a foundation for ongoing legislative developments. She acknowledged the completion of the final phase of the Digital Nepal Acceleration (DNA) project, part of the Digital Nepal framework initiated four years ago.

Despite the Ministry of Communications taking the lead in digital infrastructure development, Minister Sharma stressed the importance of collaboration across various sectors, including education, health, tourism, agriculture, finance, and urban development, for comprehensive coordination. She emphasized the need for unity in understanding national interests, encouraging those working for the nation’s benefit to fear no change in the face of challenges.

While recognizing the government’s recent issuance of the Frequency Policy and Asset Management Regulations in the telecommunications sector, Minister Sharma underscored the need for transformative policies aligned with national priorities.

She reiterated her commitment to inspiring youth to settle within the country and contribute to its development, with programs like IT Education, Digital Champions, and Digital Skills at the forefront of her efforts to bring innovation to the sector.

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