UK-based Makesworth Foundation supports 75 projects in 2023

KATHMANDU: The UK-based Makesworth Foundation, founded by Sanjay Sah, Managing Director of Makesworth Accountants, has concluded 2023 on a high note with the release of its annual impact update. The report highlights an impressive total of 1,506,827 recorded impacts and the successful support of 75 projects throughout the year.

Mr. Sah expressed his gratitude to clients and supporters, stating, “We were astonished at just how much had been achieved. The impact the Makesworth Foundation is having is growing, including significant contributions such as planting 16,241 trees via Ecologi, resulting in 137.95 tonnes of carbon reduction. We plan to sustain this effort, aiming to plant thousands more trees for long-term environmental benefits.”

The Foundation engaged in diverse charitable events in partnership with local charities and teams in Nepal and Ukraine, conducting regular activities twice a month in both countries. Collaboration with B1G1 facilitated global impacts, and Makesworth became a permanent sponsor of Nepal Ru, supporting running events to promote health and well-being in the UK’s Nepalese communities.

Additionally, Makesworth Foundation extended educational support by providing an annual scholarship to a deserving ACCA student in Nepal. Due to the exceptional potential of candidates, the Foundation also supported an extra student’s ACCA subscription fees for 2022 and 2023.

Makesworth Accountants reaffirmed its commitment as a proud supporter of the Makesworth Foundation in 2024. Plans for the upcoming year include organizing the inaugural Makesworth Foundation Charity Ball in London, aiming to bring together 300 attendees and raise funds for the Foundation’s essential initiatives. Furthermore, the Foundation will be officially registered with the UK’s Charity Commission, marking a significant step to ensure continued support for a wide range of charitable projects.

In an expansion of its global reach, the Makesworth Foundation will launch initiatives in Africa, with plans to support a country in need through various charitable projects. To reinforce its dedication, Makesworth Accountants has pledged to donate 3% of its annual revenue to the Makesworth Foundation, furthering the impactful and diverse work it undertakes.

As Mr. Sah emphasized, “While a lot has been achieved, there remains a lot to continue to do, and I hope that our clients, colleagues, suppliers, and community continue to support this vital work.” The Makesworth Foundation’s commitment to positive social impact and philanthropy is poised for continued growth and success in the coming year.

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