MoCIT advances e-governance and IT infrastructure in Nepal

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MoCIT) in Nepal has been actively enforcing laws and policies to align with annual programs, goals, and periodic plans. Despite Nepal’s current position at 151st on the e-governance development index, MoCIT is making efforts to enhance telecommunication infrastructures, public access to IT for service delivery, and workforce capacity building. The ministry aims to improve service delivery through initiatives like integrated office management systems, website template corrections, and increased threat surveillance. MoCIT is also involved in promoting software and hardware vetting, data recovery, and cloud computing.

According to Netra Subedi, the spokesperson for MoCIT, the ministry has launched and nearly completed various initiatives in the past year. However, some faced challenges on structural and practical levels. The expansion of optical fiber has reached 15,000 km by mid-November, and there’s been a 4% increase in fixed broadband expansion, reaching 39.67%. Internet consumers’ density has witnessed a 3% rise, reaching 131%. Notably, 62 government offices have been integrated with the Nagarik App. Mobile broadband expansion has reached 94.88%, and radio access stands at 92%. The FTTH service is now available in 73 districts, with 4G/LTE service covering 67%.

On the legislative front, bills related to printing, public service broadcasting, Nepal Media Council, national mass communications, and the regulation and management of social networks are under consideration. Noteworthy policies like the National Cyber Security Policy, 2080, and the Radio Frequency Policy of Telecommunications Service, 2080, have been enacted.

MoCIT is working on a concept paper on artificial intelligence (AI) and coordinating on the ‘Digital Nepal Framework.’ The ‘Digital Nepal Acceleration Project’ is being implemented with the support of the World Bank. Efforts are also underway to reduce the digital divide. The ministry is actively addressing cyber threats with the operation of a 24/7 cyber security monitoring center.

In addition, MoCIT has introduced a virtual interaction named ‘meet your minister’ and is working on initiatives to reduce the digital divide. An agreement between the Department of Postal Service and Qatar Airways has initiated EMS service in 39 countries, and foreign postal service has been launched in various locations across Nepal.

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